Change an appointment, meeting, or event

Updating outlook calendar appointments

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Adding a recurrence to an appointment changes the Appointment tab to say Appointment Series. Expand your Office skills.

My current syncing software creates duplicated appointments in Outlook when I try to modify existing appointment from my iPhone. My iPhone calendar is not syncing with Outlook calendar via Google. With AkrutoSync you can establish two-way syncing and solve this issue.

Edit any of the item details you want. Follow the steps illustrated in the AkrutoSync interface. Just follow these simple steps to enable your iPhone to sync with Microsoft Outlook calendar, without storing your private data in the Cloud. Less Appointments are activities that you schedule in your calendar that do not involve inviting other people or reserving resources.

Open the appointment that you want to set to recur. Change how an appointment, meeting, or event shows on your calendar New all day events automatically show as free on your calendar.

If you add attendees the

Tap Next and enable syncing everything including Mail. You can also drag the appointment to a different date without opening it. This setting indicates to others viewing your calendar when you are free or busy for new meeting requests.

In the Location box, enter the location. Following the steps will demonstrate how to properly configure the software to fix the issue when your iPhone calendar is not syncing with your desktop running Outlook.

The other option you have with AkrutoSync is syncing via Wi-Fi network. By default, your calendar is updated in Outlook whenever you have an active Internet connection to send and receive your exchange folder information. Choose the connection type you want to use to sync calendar with Outlook. If you add attendees, the appointment turns into a meeting. In the Subject box, enter a description.

Change an appointment, meeting, or event - Outlook

If you open a recurring appointment, you'll have the choice to open the entire series or a single occurrence. With AkrutoSync, you can seamlessly sync Outlook calendar as well as your Outlook contacts, reminders and notes. New appointments you add to your calendar in the Outlook client are automatically updated and synchronized with your organization's exchange server.

The other option you have

Meetings and appointments automatically show as busy on your calendar. Any changes you make will affect all instances of the recurring appointment or meeting. When I press sync it appears that syncing is in progress, but nothing happens even after few hours. In this case you need to choose syncing over the Internet option.

Now that the event is an appointment, the Show As changes to Busy. Uncheck the All day event checkbox next to the Start time. The next few steps will guide you through choosing your operating system and setting up your calendar to sync with Outlook and iPhone.