Vw cc r line review uk dating

Vw cc r line review uk dating

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Some parts of the interior are also beginning to look dated alongside more recent competition. We found the engine's performance to be more than adequate, and even under load it's a solid performer.

Its steering is quickBelow we have brokenThe driver's digitised displayIts large corporate front end is

With an affordable price-point, the Tiguan R-Line makes it easier for drivers to get their hands on high-end features. The car sits low to the ground and that means getting in is combined with a sizeable step downwards. This is a term passed around but it may not be entirely clear what it means.

Its large corporate front end is pleasing to the eye, and although the gently sloping rear hampers back-seat headroom, it does help permit a spacious litre boot. Most fixtures and fittings inside are well thought out, and as you'd expect are almost identical to those found in the Passat. Comfortable and quiet, just as you'd expect from an executive model. If you are a Volkswagen owner, enthusiast, or simply a follower, you may have heard something about R-Line.

Drivers and frontseat passengersThe Passat RLine is where luxury

The driver's digitised display, for example, looks old and is a bit clunky to use. Below we have broken down the four models that offer R-Line trims. The Passat R-Line is where luxury meets value. If you would like to learn more about Volkswagen R-Line models beyond this, feel free to reach out to our staff here at Jennings Volkswagen to schedule a test drive.

Its steering is quick, lightly weighted and accurate, though, and its handling smooth for the most part. Drivers and front-seat passengers won't be complaining about space, although taller passengers in the back seat may find themselves short on headroom, if not legroom.