What is my dating style quiz

What is my dating style quiz

Love is natural and can't be seeked out, nor do I really feel a need to. Someone to have a close, intimate relationship with.

When people hurt me I write

Something that I hope will evolve into so much more. Anger and frustration are usually the only emotions I feel.

Your ultimate goal is to become a secure connector. It will only take a couple minutes. An accurate assessment requires honesty and careful self-reflection. Your love style is not a temperament or personality trait.

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People sometimes describe me as intimidating. When you find somebody special, you don't worry about anything else. Not for a long while, I've still got a lot of life in me.

Your love style is activated within any relationship but it goes into full bloom with those to whom you are most closely connected. If I meet someone nice, I'll usually go for it. Growing up, my family was not very affectionate or demonstrative. No one protected me from harm growing up, so I had to toughen up and take care of myself.

If I think someone is mad at me, I would rather do something nice for them than confront them directly. While most people will have a single, dominant Love Style, it is possible for you to have multiple problem areas. Whenever I see potential for something great, I'll usually go for it. Growing up, my home was very difficult, but I found I could escape into my head and go away.

Your ultimate goal is toIt will onlyThings must be done

Things must be done in an orderly, specific way, or I get angry. When people hurt me I write them off and end the relationship.