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Race Devaluation I wish this wasn't even a thing to have to talk about, but race devaluation is the ugly, ugly flipside of race fetishization. With any racial fetishization, you're definitely not seeing the person.

So it's time

This mindset is reptilian. So it's time to reach out. As an Asian woman, I can spot the Asian hunters miles away.

Message me and we can talk. We're talking about perceptual junk that gets in the way of seeing another person as an individual worthy of the same respect we would hope others would give us. Only write me if you are serious. Asian women are so mysterious.

As an Asian womanMessage me and

We're talking about the conflation of race with tired tropes about masculinity, femininity, class, and real people reduced to exotic caricatures. You might find the results surprising. It fundamentally lacks empathy, it debases people, and it's astoundingly wrong. If it is just sex you are looking for do not bother.

Your libido is no good here. In each case, the stereotypes being perceived are never about the individual, but a projected expectation based on media portrayals and other falsehoods. Photo-based dating apps, paired with implicit bias, have the unfortunate consequence of really reinforcing toxic and pervasive stereotypes that undermine individual dignity.

This mindset is reptilian