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Here I am again for the second time in the Philippines. Have you been anywhere else in the Philippines? As with his previous album, he stated that the tracks were recorded for his fans and that he had no ambition to pursue a singing career. It hasn't even been a year, but I'm very happy to be back.


She is putting this down to the fact that she is working on a lot of projects and so does no consider dating as one of those things she could do at the moment because of her busy schedule. After two years of dating, they have gone their separate ways. At first, their representatives denied the relationship but later they confirmed that the couple is indeed dating.

The alcohol I like are western liquors, although I can't drink past one or two glasses. May you give us your two cents on why this is so? Help the poor and be respected.

The Chosun Ilbo in Korean. How about places to visit? The date scene Dispatch witnessed was nothing big.

Right comes along, until then, our Kim Nana is still single at least that is what she want us to know. His crush was Song Hye-Kyo as she is bright and mature. Right now they are getting to know each other as people and not actors. When we go on vacation, my friends try to avoid sleeping with me. Since then, I've been doing a lot of fan meets.

The couple unable to meet regularly and have to consequently breakup. How they managed to avoid eyes was based on their thoroughness. Whenever I encountered them trying to talk to me, even in poor Korean, emails I was touched and hoped to find ways to help them.

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Love you lot smile always oppa. Which ones are your favorites? As I saw more fans while touring the world, I thought releasing an album was a great idea. They both knew they had feelings for each other, but it was very pure like the start of a romance. First, I think I need to diligently learn English.

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But I'd probably tremble be nervous a lot. Lee min ho I love u so much! Having a nice bed to sleep on would be good yes! This happened after the drama in July.

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Lastly, any messages to your Filipino fans? If I feel like the stress is still there when I wake up, site I go back to sleep until the stress goes away. He did not have to act elegantly nor be conscious about his appearance.

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The love that fans gave me always motivates me and made me think how much I want to visit the Philippines again. You are my first loveable person in Korean actors. Before I made a debut as a singer, she was my dream girl.

  1. He tweeted a photo and everything!
  2. However, I want to drink with people I'm confortable with and who don't pressure me to drink alcohol.
  3. They had many drive dates.
  4. Even if she is not beautiful, my heart can be pulled by a strong feeling that comes to me.
  5. What is it about your Filipino fans that you love the most?

It's difficult to drink past three shots of soju. So this time, I plan to take my time, enjoy the Filipino dishes and try many other different food as well. On a deserted island, your food should be cooked - hence the lighter. The two people's managements are cautious. After the drama wrapped, he traveled to Manila in the Philippines for four days to meet with fans, who swarmed his few public events by the thousands.

Cue high-pitched shrieks of delight. He went to a Filipino restaurant that night and had adobo. Like during the fan meet, there was a portion where he had to take part in a staring contest with a fan first one to blink or look away loses and he won. Sleep until the stress disappears. How do you take care of yourself?

When I was here the last time, I saw that, and I really wanted to come back to see that again. Lee Min Ho has not been seen with any new girl after his breakup from Suzy. Truly a very good article on how to handle the future technology. What can we expect from your concert on Saturday? For Korean celebrities, issues with dating a maintaining a strong fan base is almost more important than actual talent.

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When I am stressed, I like to go on fishing trips or listen to music. The break up did cause sadness to quiet a may of their fans who were hoping that both these stars would get married. The way he gives off a comfortable vibe while oozing out charisma is so impressive.

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  • Don't come to me, i will be the one to find you.
  • Tablo became the victim of an online witch-hunt that questioned his Stanford University credentials, of all things.
  • Why did you decide to pursue a career in music?
  • Please take care till the day I get to see you!
  • Last time I was here, people were telling me about Boracay, but not only Boracay.
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Their love life makes fodder for gossip columns. How have you all been doing? Their feelings for each other led to longing and they let their love grow in their busy realities. Most importantly, I really felt that he sincerely wants to make his fans happy and in this process I have become a fan myself. But i guess he means the term of endearment he will use depends on what kind of woman she is.

She should also be respectful towards her superiors and people around her. South Korean actor Lee Min Ho is one such celebrity whose relationship with actress cum singer Suzy Bae made headlines. But these rumors were never confirmed.

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Women want you to be their best friend. Their official relationship has been about a month old. Even if I'm careful, I get injured due to unforeseen circumstances.

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