Who is peter from p square dating

Who is psquare dating

According to Peter, he fears for his life and that of his family, claiming that Paul has been threatening his wife and family. The pop singer is not ready to disappoint his fans, even as his vocal dexterity remains an added advantage to his quest to rebrand himself. As solo artistes When their break up was made public, fans as well as critics were curious as to which of the twin brothers has a better chance of making it as a solo artiste. Apparently, before their split, Psquare was one of the most famous musical groups in Africa with successful shows in America, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world. He can take the shirt off his back and hand it to a stranger in need.

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For veteran musician, Tee Mac, the identical twins jointly nurtured their careers, had an interesting stage shows and their fans loved them. With his media-friendly mien, great looks and the ability to spin a good story, Mr P is surely carving out a niche for himself. Responding to questions from the crowd, Paul replied that Peter was in America.

You are still the same woman and I will never forget the day I met you. Those who know her will attest to the fact that she is very reserved and media shy.

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But with the split Peter

His humility, kindness and realness were spectacular. Peter wrote an epistle on his Instagram to celebrate the happy moment. They were into multimillion naira real state business in addition to having an endorsement deal with telecoms giant, Glo, which according to those in the know ran into hundreds of millions of Naira.

But with the split, Peter seems to have fallen back on old techniques to create future sounds. Now we have a clear picture of what is happening at the Okoye household. We have always been inseparable, and so this just solidified our relationship. However, time will tell who is better as a solo artiste.

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