Wooyoung and park se young really dating games

Wooyoung and park se young really dating games

The news came to the limelightSungjae and Eunkwang particularly

The set dissolves into laughter, however, when it is revealed that Hongki had to pick the girl to whom he was least attracted to play the game. Still, despite the squirming, the group pulls through for an interesting, group-bonding moment. Of course, they can always choose to leave nothing in the middle and go for that kiss. Netizens praised his talents as a dancer for having the chance to teach others about it. Their scene wasn't a part of the actual drama, but were rather featured towards the end with the rolling credits.

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While all the couples have their cute, flustered moments, Jisoo and InSoo's Pepero kiss is particularly noteworthy for their intensity. After the show-off, they both tried to cover up and make it seem as if nothing was going on between them, but their fans shunned it off and asked them to stop pretending not to.

Hongki and Yoonhye's unwanted Pepero kiss Hongki and Rainbow member Yoonhye's Pepero kiss has all the Rainbow girls cooing and blushing, especially when Hongki ends the game in just one swift bite. Looks like these boys are prepared to snack on something more than just their Pepero stick. The news came to the limelight, then his girlfriend posted pictures of her boyfriend to show off.

While still a musician, he got lots of exposure on television, showing up on many shows and reality competition programs. He started his career in music so he made no television appearances as an actor until the year when he made his acting debut in the program Dream High as Jason. Sungjae and Eunkwang particularly get ready to pucker up with their flavored chapsticks. He's gotten very interested in the acting field, so we plan to continue his acting career, along with fellow member Taecyeon's. However, he does not seem to have any intentions of getting married soon because he really has a lot of work to do.

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He was worried before Dream High began filming, and often wondered whether he'd be able to act, but we believe that he's gained a lot of confidence since then. Maybe he will open up about his thoughts about marriage when he finally gets his better half. However, some still think that he is seeing someone in secret and do not believe that he is single. He went ahead to say that the relationship was not healthy back then.