Soul Mates Yanni and Linda Evans Uncouple

Yanni dating now

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Soul Mates Yanni and Linda Evans Uncouple

To compare new-age music with classic rock is a stretch, but for Yanni, it is possible. Yanni's musical influences include music from Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as classical, rock and roll, and electronic music. Nine years of soul matedom down the drain.

My music can be very rhythmic, very energetic, even very ethnic. Well, they both whisper a lot, so we assume that's what they were mumbling about.

This Greek composer marries contemporary new-age spirituality with today's pop attitudes and delivers a unique sound.

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It is essentially tonal, tinged with mild whiffs of dissonance here and there, sometimes rhythmically frisky, graspable on first listening, and self-evidently mood-inducing. They sounded terribly in love.

Yanni is an international superstar rivaled only by John Tesh for the hearts and minds of yuppie music fans too tired to even think about mosh pits. Yanni would dismiss the notion that the Star Is Born factor was a damper on their relationship.

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